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Made to Order



When beginning this journey, the original business plan was to mass produce all items and hold them in stock in order to fulfill orders quickly. As a customer, ordering an item and expecting it to arrive within a few days is what I had become accustomed to.

However when educating myself on the fashion industry, I soon realised the impact that mass producing clothing has on the environment. I wanted to try to reduce the impact the this company would have on the planet. This realisation brought about the change to our strategy. 

Made to Order:

We are moving to a made to order strategy in an aim to reduce the amount of textile waste generated and subsequently destroyed. Included are some facts about the fashion industry which we found to be quite upsetting and helped us with our decision:

  1. More than 10 million tonnes of garments are sent to the dump every year.
  2. Global production has doubled from 2000 – 2014. Every year we are buying 60% more clothes and keeping them for half as long. This is due to the increase in fast fashion. 
  3. The annual environmental impact of a household’s clothing is equivalent to the water needed to fill 1,000 bathtubs and the carbon emissions from driving an average modern car for 6,000 miles
  4. If the average life of clothing was extended by just three months, it would reduce by five to ten percent their carbon and water footprints, as well as waste generation. The recycling of two million tons of clothing per year equates to taking 1 million cars off the roads.

We understand this is a risky move as we would ask that customers allow up to 15 working days for delivery. We understand waiting this length of time for an order can be frustrating, however we firmly believe it is the right move for us.


Packaging is manufactured using 100% recycled cardboard. Our wrapping paper is also acid free.

The Silk Lemon has a long way to go before we can deem ourselves as environmentally friendly company. However our aim is try to work on minimising our impact on the environment.